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Policies at
Heavenly Eats Kitchen

Healthy Food

Service as It Should Be

There will be a $5 dollars delivery fee added per order.

All of our food will and should be frozen upon delivery, if it is not please contact our distribution center for help.

Don't see what you want? Send us an email and we can work to make what you most desire. (Pricing will change depending on the Ingredients and difficulty)

Are you having a party, bereavement period, or want to purchase food for someone who needs meals delivered? Contact our catering service to find out what we can offer you!

Our goal is to make sure everyone one of our customers have a positive and heavenly experience.  Please contact us with any concerns  or criticisms so that we can better yet serve our community and customer base.

We have a no return policy, if you are unhappy with your food please contact us for store credit and/or a replacement order. (all replacement orders will still be subject to a delivery fee,)

Due to our food being lower in sodium than many other frozen food brands and since we do not use preservatives, our food frozen or thawed, will spoil faster.  Please be sure to to consume your orders within 2 months if frozen or 5 days if thawed.  We are not responsible for food born illness caused by holding food to long or improper storage after it has been delivered.

When cooking your food please make sure the temperature is a minimum of 165 degrees.

We donate a portion of our net profits to local charity organizations, if you would like to get involved with the community effort or donate directly to these organizations we will be able to help you with that.

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